Parents do have the right to worry not just about having babies, but if their babies are going to live a long, happy life in the future. So, here are the latest updates on fertility treatment you don’t want to miss.

Cancer worry, go away

Fertility treatments have long been making parents worried whether they are giving birth to kids that come with higher risk for cancer. But those worries have turned out to be unnecessary, which is good news for those of you who want to give it a try! The conclusion was gained from a study that gathers data from 21-year-old subjects.

MRT fertility treatment is doing what IVF and AST couldn’t

A 32-year-old Greek woman has been trying on IVF fertility treatment four times and after those, she was still childless. But now, she is now close to 30 weeks along with a baby boy thanks to MRT technology. MRT or mitochondrial replacement therapy has the donor’s egg’s nuclei stripped and inserted with the patient’s DNA instead. Afterward, it is inseminated, hence, “three-person IVF”.

New natural IVF, IVI Bilbao

While MRT is still a controversial technique and has not yet quite produced results that can be called a complete success, i.e. born and healthy growing children, you can still opt for a better IVF technique It is still the same mass insemination, but IVI Bilbao has made the environment where the eggs are grown to be as natural as possible. Embryos are fertilized in a similar-natural environment and the best one is selected.

Busted myth: Uterus ‘Scratching’ Add-on

One of the most recommended and used add-onsin fertility treatment is the act of scratching or making a small hole inside the uterus. The purpose was to invite eggs to implant itself there, but studies have shown no difference in birth rate.