Some people find issues in trying to get pregnant and the price of fertility treatments are not cheap. But maybe, following these rather inexpensive advice may actually improve your chances a lot!

Eat healthily!

It’s suggested for you to change your diet from one that is heavy with carbs and fast food to healthy, green vegetables. Yes, fiber, vitamins,and iron are essential nutrition for improving hormonal levels and reduce infertility rate. Antioxidant eliminates risks of free radicals inside your body. Nutritious food will also provide a healthy environment for your embryo and help reduces risks of defects during pregnancy.

Work out and relieve some steam

Stress and depression can really affect your body in all kinds of negative ways. You can feel mentally tired which affect your sex life but it doesn’t stop there. Even if you have sex, stress and depression can affect your hormones and prevent pregnancy, which is the cause for 30% of women who visit fertility clinics. Working out helps releases hormones that calm you down as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle that reduces the chance of pregnancy as well.

No: coffee, alcohol & smoking

These are three things that will not just affect your body, but also cause to take longer to conceive. These are also habits that you will have to throw away before you enter the pregnancy stage if you don’t want your baby to be impacted. High alcohol intake has been found related to women with fertility issues. Women are also suggested to stop smoking for at least 3 months before trying to conceive. 500 mg daily caffeine intake can also take you more than 9 months longer to be pregnant.

Folate multivitamin

Additionally, having daily intake of multivitamin has been seen to decrease infertility up to more than 40%. Folate is good to prepare women who are planning to get pregnant.