The worries, the anticipation and the unexpected. Check out how to make sure you’ll make your trips to the doctors worth it.

Are you sure you need the doctor?

Using BBT (Basal Body Temperature) to time the right time to try for a baby is often a cheap option for you to get pregnant. If you decided that you need a doctor’s advice, make sure to write down the things you want to ask and perhaps, what you know. For example, you can ask your family from both sides to see whether there is any history of fertility problem that can be genetic.

Bring these things!

Remember to bring a note to write down all the things your doctor is going to tell you. Don’t forget to bring your own note to give to your doctor containing everything about your medical conditions as well as diet if possible. If you had a full medical check-up within the last 6 months, that would be a great input for your doctor.

List out supplements and medication that you are having. Your doctor will also want to make sure that you haven’t been on any kind of contraception for the past 12 months as well.

After your doctor receives enough information, he will suggest various testing. Semen analysis for men and ultrasound check for womb condition for women as well as blood work and physical examination for both sides. Remember that while a visit to the fertility clinic does not require both of you to be there, but that is heavily recommended. Because it’s best to know where things went wrong and what both of you can do to make this work.

Whatever is your doctor’s recommendation, always inquire of the risks and side-effects. Know the percentage of success and consult with your doctor to have a realistic goal.