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Improving Oral Health Can Increase your Fertility

In today’s world, individuals all over the planet are placing significant attention to their outward appearance. It is why some have plastic surgery, exercise, eat healthy and do other things. All of it was done in order to appear their best outwardly. Being conscious of how you look also includes oral hygiene and care. That explains why the number of folks going to tooth doctors regularly has increased dramatically. There are so many ways a person can benefit by visiting a dental practitioner. When you find a dentist, you can have your teeth cleaned, repaired or whitened.

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But as it turns out, taking care of your oral health is not necessarily only about looks. In some cases, it may help individuals become more fertile. Studies done the past few years on this subject, appear to support this. Interestingly enough, it is not only for women, but men as well. It turns out that men who have bad teeth or gum disease, also have sperm and semen health that is poor. At the same time, females take longer to conceive if they are not taking good care of their teeth.

In one research, more than 250 women who were healthy were studied. These were females who were not pregnant and were looking to conceive. In order to see how oral health impacted their fertility, the women were tracked for a full year. What they found turned out to be quite startling. For example, issues related to periodontal diseases were examined. They included issues such as tender, swollen and red gums as well as porphyromas gingivalis. Those women who had higher amounts of serum and salivary antibodies fared better than their counterparts.

Researchers also found several other essential signs. One was how high the P. gingivalis and other periodontitis clinical signs in the females tested were. Women who had increased levels of one or more of these qualities were at higher risk of not becoming pregnant. Men who were utilized in similar dental hygiene studies did not fare much better. Any combination of poor oral health was included. Those who had untreated cavities or several of them, were some. You also had males with periodontal disease. After which, those men were compared with others who took better care of their teeth.

It turns out that those with better oral wellness also had a higher sperm count. Not just that, but the sperm’s motility rate was also higher. Even the shape of the sperm appeared to be different. Males with better oral hygiene and care showed normal sperm morphology.

Overall, there have been various studies dealing with oral health and fertility. In most of them, both men and women who took better care of their teeth performed better. That means those who treated their dental infections saw their semen health improve — the same for those with cavities and other oral issues. There are a few theories as to why bad oral wellness is connected to decreased fertility rates. Experts believe that infections such as tooth decay can have advert effects. A person’s immunological response could be forced to work overtime. As a result of fighting these infections in the mouth, other parts of that need attention are ignored. In addition, the bacteria in the mouth may affect other parts of the body.

Due to findings in these studies and a few others, doctors are recommending taking care of your teeth. Visiting your local Opencare facility is an important start. Not just for women looking to get pregnant, but their male partners as well.